Chrystos’s style provides deep relaxation as well as symptom-treatment oriented work.

Chrystos incorporates Shiatsu Acupressure Therapy, Deep Myofascial Work (originating from Postural Integration technique), Swedish Massage, foot and hand reflexology, heat modalities, and breath work to deepen respiration and thus facilitate release of the deep musculature of the ribcage and viscera (illiopsoas, seratus anterior, piriformis, etc.)

One of the hallmarks of Chrystos’s work is his ability to link together the client’s understanding of seemingly disparate symptom constellations, e.g. connecting chronic cervical (neck) problems with communication issues at the workplace; or connecting chronic lumbo-sacral dysfunction with a trauma that happened when the client was ten years old.

Chrystos is psychic and, when appropriate, utilizes this gift to augment to depth of the massage sessions. Other times, the physical work is all that is needed.