What If You Were Really Happy In Your Body?

Do you have pain in your knees
Can no longer move briskly in the breeze?

Are you in discomfort in your neck?
Where when just turning your head is like writing a big check?

Is sitting for extended periods making you uncomfortable and cross?
Where watching TV, or traveling, has lost his delicious “sauce” ?

Or do headaches plague you, distract you, day or night?
To where you want to just make them vacate, or yourself take flight?

Come, get massage from me, this is what I do
Make the pain leave town, make you get on with life anew

Come, get massage from Chrystos! I’ve been doing this for 32 years
I will make the pain melt away, and also the teeth gritting, and your body’s “grinding gears”

I know you wonder if it will ever go away, if it will just get worse as you get older
When your pain and stiffness really goes away, you feel empowered and bolder

To go do those projects you’ve been putting off, do them anew
When you don’t feel so uncomfortable, stiff, distracted and blue

So get MassageByChrystos, making you feel pain free & more empowered is what I do
Take charge, and make your appointment today, you’ll move forward anew

Call and take charge of your life, today! Call (720) 364-5835
And I will make you feel better, and you will smile, pain free, as you thrive!




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