I have never had a massage before. What do I wear?
The most important thing while receiving a massage is that you are comfortable. I tell my clients to undress to their level of comfort. You may undress completely, or wear as much clothing as you feel comfortable with. I have given very excellent, and very effective, massages to clients who preferred to leave all their clothes on. You will be covered at all times (with the exception of the body part being worked on).

Do you use oils and lotions?
I use lotion. It is water-dispersible and will not stain clothing. If you have allergies to nuts or oils, please let me know.

Do you clean the table/chair after each client?
Absolutely. Fresh, clean linens are used for every session.

What happens if I have to cancel my appointment?
Please just give me 24 hours notice, by telephone: (720) 364-5835. Otherwise, you will be required to pay for the session in full.