chrystosChrystos graduated from the Boulder School of Massage Therapy in 1982. He completed the Postural Integration training in deep tissue myofascial work in 1985. He has been doing bodywork for 33 years. For nine of those years, he worked with chiropractors on auto accident and personal injury cases.

Chrystos has been a dancer, choreographer, and yoga practitioner for 37 years. He brings a nurturing presence to his sessions, as well as a gentle sense of humor. He is adept at perceiving the body’s needs and meeting them with support, intuition, and appropriate technique. Chrystos does not impose a “one size fits all” philosophy and is dedicated to supporting his clients in meeting their goals, be they injury recovery, personal growth, athletic achievement, or successful transition through a difficult chapter in their lives (e.g., illness, trauma, job transition, divorce).

One of Chrystos’s specialties is deep foot and hand reflexology. He is also skilled in the treatment of foot problems,  knee injuries, cervical dysfunctions, and headaches.

Chrystos has been writing children’s stories, poetry, and essays for over three decades. He believes that his wife and two sons are some of his best life teachers.

Some of the kinds of clients with whom Chrystos engenders a particularly quick and easy rapport with are: consultants, writers, choreographers, involved parents, Tauruses, instructors of any kind, psychiatrists, social workers, dedicated athletes, psychologists, yoga practitioners, outdoor enthusiasts, school counselors, gays, lesbians, and expatriots.

From professional athletes to CEO’s to new parents to those recovering from a surgery or deadlne, Chrystos has helped literally thousands of clients over 33 years move towards greater ease of movement and less pain.

Chrystos will help you move towards your goals. It’s a worthy investment. Make the call today (720) 364-5835.

You are worth it!